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Cinema Halls in Agra

The popular entertainment amenities that the city has in the offering. And these wonders are just awaiting your discovery. Avenues of amusement and recreation come far and wide in Agra, allowing you to enjoy to the fullest. Cinemas and theaters in Agra are on a high.

Like most other cities of India, cinema halls are abundant, thanks largely to the popular Indian film industry. Yes, the Indian film industry contributes immensely as much of the Indian population love watching Hindi movies or Bollywood movies for that matter on the silver screen.

Name Address Phone
TULSI Bye Pass Road, Agra 521207
CHETRA Baghmuzaffar Khan, Agra 357149
BHARAT Raja Mandi, Agra 357689
JWALA AGRA House, Agra 310341
KAILASH Tajganj, Agra 330154
JASWANT Hing Ki Mandi, Agra 360610
RAJSHREE Baghmuzaffar Khan, Agra 351308
SURYA Gandhi Nagar, Agra 354783
SANGEETA Shahganj, Agra 213649
RAJEEV Shahganj, Agra 210605
HEERA Bye Pass Road, Agra 522827
SRIRAM Kamla Nagar, Agra 381332
NATRAJ Surya Nagar, Agra 521964
ROXY Hing Ki Mandi, Agra 364332
SHREE Bye Pass Road, Agra 353737
RAWAT Sewla, Agra 369465
SHANTI Jagdish pura, Agra 311722
VIJAY Rambagh, Agra 345340
PRABHU Jagdish pura, Agra 311586
BASANT City Station Road, Agra 267073
MAYUR Idgah Colony, Agra 267559
MAHALAXMI Kala Mahal, Agra 365749
ANJANA M.G. Road, Agra 350371
SHAH M.G. Road, Agra 351399
SANJAY Sanjay Place, Agra 350384
BHAGWAN Bye Pass Road, Agra 522257
APSARA Foundry Nagar, Agra 344895
MEHAR Baluganj, Agra 363368