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Agra Art and Culture

With the arrival of February, Agra burst into colours. Yes, its time for Taj Mahotsav - the festival of cultural mosaic that brings together the Indian arts, crafts and culture. The Mahotsav (festival) was organised by UP Tourism and held as an annual event in and around Shilpgram (next door to the Taj Mahal), a fitting tribute to the legendary skills of master craftsmen and other exponents of art, music and cuisine. The festival starts with a spectacular procession inspired by Mughal splendour - bedecked elephants, camels and drum beaters included.

The Taj Mahotsav festivities commence with a spectacular procession inspired by Mughal splendour. Bedecked elephants and camels, drum beaters, folk artists and mastercraftsmen.... all help to recreate a visual delight reminiscent of the golden era of the Mughal Darbars. Throughout the Mahotsav, one can experience a profusion of folk music and dances

Located in north India State of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is placed on the banks of river Yamuna. Agra has very rich heritage and interesting culture. Agra is a historical city and is ruled by various different rulers at different times. There is reference to Agra in ancient epic Mahabharata. Its proximity to cities of Mathura and Vrindavan influences its culture also.

Agra is influenced by Brij culture which is influenced by the tales of Lord Krishna. Modern day Agra was founded by Sikander Lodi of Lodi dynasty which ruled Delhi during 16th century. Later it was captured by Moguls. During the times of Moguls, Agra became an important city. Cityscape of Agra was designed by the Moguls according to the Mogul architectural designs. There are many historical monuments belonging to Mogul era. Mogul architecture was the mix of Indian and Islamic architecture. Agra was also ruled by Rajput rulers before Moguls and Lodi. They also left their legacy in the form of the culture and monuments.

Culture of Agra is very rich and unique in its own sense like any other historical city. Agra is the most famous tourist destination in India. It hosts millions of international as well national tourists every year. Besides the natives, Agra faces many foreigners also. This creates a different and unique culture for Agra.

One of the important aspects of the culture of Agra is the variety of colorful festivals. During the month of February, the city witnesses the Taj Mahotsav. Held in Shilpgram that is quite close to the Taj Mahal, the ten-day long festival hosts an exhibition of the crafts, arts, classical song and dance performances. Camel and elephant rides are worth an experience. Id, the festival of the Islamic is celebrated with great pomp. The main languages in Agra are Hindi and Urdu. The city is famous for Mughlai dishes and typical Agra delicacies.